Monday, July 9, 2007


this is my favorite korean drama, and until now im still craving for it.i like it not only because of the good looking casts like bi rain and song hye kyo, but because of the story.
it may seem like a fairytale story...a girl who's living a simple life becomes the wife of a famous celebrity..a cliche as it may be, i still love it. (obvious?)

i have many favorite and unforfattable lines
  • When you want to protect someone, it means you like that person, right? You protect Kang Hye-won, I'm going to protect you. I think I like you… (ji eun to young jae)
  • My heart belongs to me but I don't understand my own heart. I really don't like Lee Young-jae. I hate him. He always calls me poultry, chicken and rice cooker. He works me like a slave only to yell at me later. And he only likes someone else. He always makes me wait. I really dislike him. I really do. But he makes me so happy. And he breaks my heart too. I'm really weird, aren't I? (ji eun to young jae)
  • It's fun to see you get mad. I want to tease you again and again. When I'm with you, you make me feel good. (young jae to ji eun)
  • I'm here today to tell you about a woman I love. I'm in love with someone right now. I really love her. She's someone who can find joy and hope in little things. Being with her brings me joy. She's the first person to teach me what happiness is. Because I really love her, in order to protect her, I'm about to get a divorce. I'm sure you're curious but I can't reveal who she is now. She's a kind but ordinary person. But to me she's the most important and special person. (young jae)
  • Loving someone is such a painful ordeal but I can't stop myself from going to you (young jae)

i also love the part where young jae would always give ji eun an ice cream whenever she feels bad or whenever she's crying.from then on, i started to eat ice cream when i feel bad.hehe.
a guy should not make a girl cry, right?but i hate young jae for making han ji eun cry! if a guy really loves a girl, he should not do things that would hurt her.

i also learned to give encouragement to my friends by saying "aza aza fighting"...han ji eun really affected my actions a lot.
i also love the soundtracks of this korean drama...when i listen to i think i by byul, i feel like im faling in love again.whoah!

Full House is definitely a feel good movie. This would make you fall in love. If there is one series that I would want to see over and over, this would be it. This series have it all - laughter, romance and drama. I can't seem to have enough it. Some may not like it because of too much redundacy in their fights but for me, every scene is entertaining. I get to love Korean series more because of this.

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